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Terry McMillan, MD

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Meet Dr. Terry McMillan

Terry McMillan, MD, is a Board Certified ENT - Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Head and Neck Surgeon who has spent more than two decades practicing in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Dr. McMillan is a native New Mexican. He graduated first in his high school class, earning several athletic honors along the way. He completed his undergraduate training at Baylor University, where he graduated cum laude and “With Distinction” from the University Honors Program, earning a Bachelor’s degree with majors in chemistry and physics.

Dr. McMillan completed his medical degree at the University of Texas Medical Branch. After graduation from medical school, Dr. McMillan stayed on at the University of Texas to complete five years of training in his chosen specialty, Otolaryngology. He was certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology in 1990. Dr. McMillan has performed thousands of functional and cosmetic nasal surgeries.

He has served as President of the Medical Staff at Memorial Medical Center, president of the Dona Ana County Medical Society, and as Medical Director of the Mountainview Surgical Center. He is active in the community, currently serving as the only physician in the New Mexico House of Representatives, where he is Chairman of the House Health Committee. He and his wife Jodie have been married for over 30 years.

Dr. McMillan's Specialties:

  • Nasal
  • Sinus
  • Rhinoplasty
Learn about how Dr. Terry McMillan can help you with your sinus and rhinoplasty issues.
Functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty services performed by Dr. Terry McMillan

Dr. Terry McMillan offers functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty services.

Learn how procedures offered by Dr. McMillan can relieve nasal obstruction and create beautiful cosmetic enhancement. See pre and post operative examples from previous patients at Noses by McMillan.

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Sinusitis affects over 35 million Americans every year.

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"When I got my procedure done, it was very easy."

When I got my procedure done, it was very easy. It was actually during our baseball season, and I ended up missing just one day of coaching and work. And within a couple of days, everything was back to normal. And within a few weeks, I felt a big, big difference! So overall, the procedure was very easy, I had very little down time, and being as active as I am, I think that’s a big plus for anybody who’s going to undertake this procedure.

Jeff, Professional and Sports Coach
Patient of Dr. Matthew Gillihan

"My relief of symptoms after sinuplasty have been amazing."

My relief of symptoms after sinuplasty have been amazing. I used to struggle breathing, falling asleep, energy level, fatigue. Now I have been able to continue my lifestyle like a normal person. I am back at the gym, I feel healthy. I get told a lot by people how wonderful I look, because they saw me through this period of time and how it affected me. This is something that I would highly recommend to everybody. Sinuplasty was definitely the best thing for me and my lifestyle.

Robert Tellez
Patient of Dr. Terry McMillan

"I would recommend this procedure to anyone who had sinus problems."

Before the procedure, I could not taste anything. I could not taste my food, I could not smell things. Everything was just "blah." And after the procedure, I was able to, once again, smell most things and taste most things. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who had  sinus problems..I would do it again, most definitely.

Mary Ann
Patient at her 6-week followup appointment

"My quality of life has drastically improved."

After the procedure, I'm feeling now like I'm more able to wake up in the morning and get up and get moving quickly and exercise and not have to wait around a couple of hours to feel better. I am rested and ready to take on the day. My quality of life has drastically improved. I used to be a full time teacher, so I am now re-entering the workforce. I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone who's suffering with chronic sinus issues and allergies. It's life changing.

Past sinus sufferer

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