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Matthew D. Gillihan, MD

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Meet Dr. Matthew Gillihan

Matthew D. Gillihan, MD, an Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon, has been serving southern New Mexico since 2002. He made a decision in 9th grade biology class to pursue a career in medicine and never looked back. A love of the biological and physical sciences drove him through the rigors of premed, and medical education.

Dr. Gillihan began his undergraduate degree at the University of Kansas, then after 2 years transferred to the very biological science heavy University of California at San Diego where he received a BA in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. He then went to St. Louis University for medical school, graduating in the top 15% of his class and nominated for the AOA medical society. Dr Gillihan completed his residency training in the University of Buffalo. After 5 cold years of training, he moved to Las Cruces and joined Dr. McMillan. Dr Gillihan was Board Certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology in 2004, and, as part of ongoing medical education, recertified in 2015.

Over the past decade and a half, Dr. Gillihan has performed thousands of nasal and sinus procedures and enjoys the look on a patient's face when they finally breath normal through the nose for the first time in years. Being able to perform balloon sinuplasty and other nasal procedures in the office has made the experience even better. In addition, Dr. Gillihan has privileges at both Memorial Medical Center and Mountainview Medical Center and Surgery Center. He has served as Chief of Surgery in both hospitals and on the Medical Executive Committee of the Mountainview Surgery Center most of that facility’s existence. He is father to 3 boys and he and his wife recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

Dr. Gillihan's Specialties:

  • Nasal and Sinus
  • Ear
  • Pediatrics
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"When I got my procedure done, it was very easy."

When I got my procedure done, it was very easy. It was actually during our baseball season, and I ended up missing just one day of coaching and work. And within a couple of days, everything was back to normal. And within a few weeks, I felt a big, big difference! So overall, the procedure was very easy, I had very little down time, and being as active as I am, I think that’s a big plus for anybody who’s going to undertake this procedure.

Jeff, Professional and Sports Coach
Patient of Dr. Matthew Gillihan

"My relief of symptoms after sinuplasty have been amazing."

My relief of symptoms after sinuplasty have been amazing. I used to struggle breathing, falling asleep, energy level, fatigue. Now I have been able to continue my lifestyle like a normal person. I am back at the gym, I feel healthy. I get told a lot by people how wonderful I look, because they saw me through this period of time and how it affected me. This is something that I would highly recommend to everybody. Sinuplasty was definitely the best thing for me and my lifestyle.

Robert Tellez
Patient of Dr. Terry McMillan

"I would recommend this procedure to anyone who had sinus problems."

Before the procedure, I could not taste anything. I could not taste my food, I could not smell things. Everything was just "blah." And after the procedure, I was able to, once again, smell most things and taste most things. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who had  sinus problems..I would do it again, most definitely.

Mary Ann
Patient at her 6-week followup appointment

"My quality of life has drastically improved."

After the procedure, I'm feeling now like I'm more able to wake up in the morning and get up and get moving quickly and exercise and not have to wait around a couple of hours to feel better. I am rested and ready to take on the day. My quality of life has drastically improved. I used to be a full time teacher, so I am now re-entering the workforce. I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone who's suffering with chronic sinus issues and allergies. It's life changing.

Past sinus sufferer

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